SP watershed area
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Founded in 2000 the Straits Pond Watershed Association is a nonprofit membership group that has made significant contributions to the conservation and management of local resources in the watershed.

The original 30-members shared a concern about the effect of midges and algae blooms on the health of the pond and the quality of recreational enjoyment. Today’s members continue to be committed to good stewardship.

The Straits Pond Watershed Association built consensus and brought together an alliance of three abutting Towns (Hull, Hingham and Cohasset) and environmental partners (Coastal Zone Management (CZM), and the Weir River Watershed Association). Together they obtained $2.5 million in funding for a culvert reconstruction and tide gate management project to restore critical estuarine fish and invertebrate habitat, provide improvements to intertidal habitat, and improve habitat and forage area for wading and diving birds.

The SPWA conducts education, outreach and coordination, seasonal water quality monitoring, and annual pond clean-ups.



Mission Statement

The Straits Pond Watershed Association's mission is to provide community input to governmental committees and agencies, and to facilitate efforts to maintain and improve the environmental quality and the beauty of Straits Pond.

A 100-acre coastal salt pond in Hull, part of the Weir River Estuary, Straits Pond is a state-designated area of critical environmental concern.

The purpose of this website is to raise awareness about the environmental challenges facing the Straits Pond watershed, the restoration of Straits Pond, and how we can be better stewards.

Executive Board

President, Dick Avery

Vice-President, Rob Gilman

Treasurer, Merle Graham

Secretary, Sally Avery

Corresponding Secretary, Mal McCunney

Member-at-large (Hull), Augie Stratoti

Member-at-large (Hull), Karis North

Member-at-large (Cohasset), Ed Graham