Fundraising Project

The End of Richards Road Path for the Straits Pond Waterfowl Viewing Park

An effort began over 100 years ago to make the 94-acre Straits Pond a great place for birds, fish, and people. The new West Corner tide gates, dedicated along with the new bridge in 2010, have resulted in the largest saltwater pond restoration in Massachusetts. Ninety species of birds have been documented in and around the Pond. Saltwater fish and clams are returning to the Pond.

The Straits Pond Waterfowl Viewing Park with viewing spots along the trail is being created to give people an opportunity to enjoy the Straits Pond Island and the restored Pond.

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The End of Richards Road Path is a key link for the Park. The path will lead you to the Straits Pond Island causeway, one of the best places to see birds, and take you out onto unique Straits Pond Island itself—with over 600-million-year-old puddingstone dating from a time period that geologists call Snowball Earth, vernal pools, salt marsh, and trees overhanging the water, with nesting and resting areas nearby.

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The Weir River Estuary Park Committee, with members appointed by Hingham, Cohasset and Hull, has been working with the Lofchie family since 2003 to find a way to create a protected conservation area with a path. The End of Richards Road Path includes a 10,000 square foot Conservation Restriction area with right of access along a path. It will have parking for bicycles and two cars (depending on the turnaround design).

The End of Richards Road Conservation Restriction will also help protect the Straits Pond Island as a bird sanctuary and the wooded land along the Straits Pond shore. The siting of an orange variant of a scarlet tanager brings the total number of bird species around Straits Pond to 90.  Click here for a full listing.