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The Straits Pond Watershed Association conducts education, outreach and coordination, seasonal water quality monitoring, and annual pond clean-ups.

Educational Materials & Reports:

Some Things You Can Do To Make a Difference (including a section on Attractive Native Plants Requiring Minimal Maintenance)

SPWA - West Corner Culvert by Augie Stratoti & Bill McNamara

West Corner Routine Culvert Inspection by Massachusetts Highway Department (6/26/2000; Structure #BRI 749-T04-000)

West Corner Culvert by Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. (11-03-2000)

West Corner Culvert by Coler & Colantonio

SPWA - Pond Flow Analysis by Augie Stratoti & Bill McNamara

Flow Study of Straits Pond and the Weir River Estuary by ENSR International

Weir River Natural Resource Inventory by Urban Harbors Institute

Midge Management Recommendations For Straits Pond by ESS, Inc.

Volunteer Monitoring

Larvae and Adult Midge

Water Quality: Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, Salinity, Bacteria

Storm Water Quality

Tidal Flow at West Corner Culvert

Coastal Survey for Adopt-A-Stream

Outreach Projects

27 tree swallow bird houses built by Pete Curtis & installed by John Loupos

SPWA members assisted in Eagle Scout project at Wadleigh Park in Cohasset

Wentworth Institute Senior Project Presentation: Spring 2001

Field Trips

Geology of the Gun Rock and Black Rock Beaches with Declan DePoar: these coasts are of international geologic interest.

Bird Walks with Sally Avery: over 66 species of birds have been identified

Volunteer Cleanup

Coastsweep - Massachusetts' Annual Coastal Cleanup: fall cleanup of Strait Pond, and Gun Rock & Black Rock Beaches

Spring Cleanup/Picnic - Straits Pond, and Gun Rock & Black Rock Beaches