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Volunteer Monitoring

Larvae and Adult Midge

Water Quality: Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, Salinity, Bacteria

Storm Water Quality

Tidal Flow at West Corner Culvert

Coastal Survey for Adopt-A-Stream

Herring Count on Weir River in April

Outreach Projects

27 tree swallow bird houses built by Pete Curtis & installed by John Loupos

SPWA members assisted in Eagle Scout project at Wadleigh Park in Cohasset

Wentworth Institute Senior Project Presentation: Spring 2001

Field Trips

Geology of the Gun Rock and Black Rock Beaches with Declan DePoar: these coasts are of international geologic interest.

Bird Walks with Sally Avery: over 66 species of birds have been identified

Volunteer Cleanup

Coastsweep – Massachusetts’ Annual Coastal Cleanup: fall cleanup of Strait Pond, and Gun Rock & Black Rock Beaches

Spring Cleanup/Picnic – Straits Pond, and Gun Rock & Black Rock Beaches