Click here to learn about our annual Earth Day trash pickup and picnic.

Straits Pond Watershed Association in partnership with the Weir River Watershed Association is sponsoring our 2023 Earth Day Pond and Estuary cleanup on Saturday April 22nd from 9am to 12pm.  We will have a celebratory picnic at noon to feed the volunteers.  As usual, dessert will be Nona’s ice cream! 

We hope to cover the Pond side of Atlantic Ave in Hull, the Pond side of Jerusalem Rd, the estuary side of Rockland Ave, Black Rock Beach, Crescent Beach, The Weir River from the estuary to Foundry Pond and the marsh between the tide gate and Worlds End.  It’s a dirty job so dress for the weather, bring work gloves, garbage grabbers, and rubber boots or waders.

We will provide trash bags which will be given out at the Estuary Center (just past the bridge over the estuary in Hull), Wadleigh Park (intersection of Forest Ave, Atlantic Ave, and Jerusalem Rd) and at 147 Atlantic Ave in Hull. The picnic will be held at the basketball court (207 Atlantic Ave Hull).  Full trash bags can be left on the roadside for us to pick up.

Email us with the number of people in your group so we can plan for the picnic supplies.