Judeth Van Hamm, Hull Land Conservation Trust VP, Dick Avery, Straits Pond Watershed Association president, and Debbie Shadd, Cohasset Conservation Trust president, celebrate reaching the goal at the end of Richards Road.

By the deadline at midnight August 31st, the Hull Land Conservation Trust had $2,800 more in donations than required to match the Cohasset Conservation Trust’s pledge of $32,500 to obtain the End of Richards Road Conservation Restriction for a path to the beautiful unique 6-acre Straits Pond Island with the potential for creating a 2.5 mile walking loop around Straits Pond to complete the Straits Pond Waterfowl Viewing Park.

An amazing group of supporters has come together from Hull, Cohasset and Hingham for the End of Richards Road Path. The Hull Land Conservation Trust hopes this group will continue to grow to create the path at the End of Richards Road and on the Island and to complete the walking loop for the Straits Pond Waterfowl Viewing Park.

Additional donations are gratefully being received to cover expenses beyond the purchase of the Conservation Restriction, such as closing costs, building the brick patio, and installing permanent boundary markers for the Conservation Restriction area. The donations will also support plans that are being developed for the path on Straits Pond Island.

The Hull Land Conservation Trust continues to receive orders for bricks. It is a privilege to be part of honoring loved ones, including beloved pets, and sharing people’s love of nature.

The Hull Land Conservation Trust and Cohasset Conservation Trust send a big thank you to all who have contributed and who reached out to others. The Hull and Cohasset Trusts would particularly like to thank Hingham Land Conservation Trust for joining in by reaching out to its members.

SPWA president Dick Avery, who is also a member of the Cohasset Conservation Trust, and Scott Plimpton and Judeth Van Hamm of the Hull Land Conservation Trust, all of whom are also members of the tri-town Weir River Estuary Park Committee, are deeply grateful to the Lofchie family for maintaining its interest in seeing the path accomplished on its property since the Weir River Estuary Park Committee first approached them in 2003.

Be a part of the remaining effort to creating the path.

If you would like to help with the work to create the paths and clean up the Island, please contact Judeth Van Hamm at 781-925-5665 or email. The Hull Land Conservation Trust would appreciate finding someone with a backhoe to help remove pieces of tree trunks that were disposed of where the path will start at the end of Richards Road.